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Heijnen Rail Consulting specialises in project management and consultancy for railway infrastructure. In the signalling area this includes legacy systems as well as ERTMS ETCS and CBTC systems.

Heijnen Rail Consulting is gespecialiseerd in project management en advies voor bouw van spoorweginfrastructuur. De advieswerkzaamheden op het gebied van beveiliging en implementatie van zowel legacy systemen alswel ERTMS ETCS en CBTC behoren tot de kernvaardigheden.

Heijnen Rail Consulting has been established as continuation of my career in the railway sector. Extensive experience in the signalling field covering all aspects (customer, consultant and supplier) and roles (principal designer, tester in charge, project manager, head of signalling, VP R&D), together with a wide experience of integrated rail infrastructure projects, makes me well placed advising parties in the sector. Many years in the European environment as member of different ERA and EU Research projects groups (ModUrban, INESS, etc) add additional knowledge to the whole.

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